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The LIBERTY and FREEDOM of future generations of Americans depends upon each and everyone of US!!! 

‘If you are here reading this blog it is very likely you have heard the phrase ‘Freedom is Never Free’.  The fact is the generations of our parents and grandparents paid an ungodly price of two world wars for the freedoms we have enjoyed.  Unfortunately, maintaining freedom is a constant unending battle due to the nature of man and man’s desire for Power and Wealth.  This is nothing new, Man’s reach for Power and Wealth is as old as Man.

We must ask ourselves, what has our generation really done to defend our Freedom against all negative forces from abroad and from within???  Unfortunately, very little.  At least not until the rise of the Tea Parties, Liberty Minded Groups and general concerned citizens.  People’s efforts are beginning to take root and make a difference.  As with any process it takes time and perseverance as there are certain phases that must be undertaken and played out in order to reach a successful end.  These phases include creation of a broad awareness, well-oiled organization, precise set action plans, clear communication plan, plan for implementation, and a measuring process.

The basic Issues are:

1)  Lack of Fiscal Responsibility – Government Over Spending

2)  Limited Government – Over-Reach and Growth of Government

3)  Interference of Free-Markets – Over Regulation.

Now that there is a much greater awareness of the general issues concerned citizens have begun focusing on better organization and planning to become more effective in implementing real change, the type of change that all Americans can truly believe in, change that will allow America to once again strengthen its prominence in the world, change that will make each and every America safe.

Here are a few questions we should be asking ourselves an done another:

1)  Are the freedoms that our parents and forefathers fought for worth saving for our Children and grandchildren?

2)  Has the average American recognized the losses of freedom and liberty?  Or is the average American too busy with stuff?

3)  What are ‘You’ going to do to help restore and preserve it?

4)  What can you do to help stop the erosion of our freedom?

Please visit other pages on my site to gain a better understanding of some of things that are behind the current power grab that is taking place in our Republic.

We are truly beginning to experience the fundamental transformation of America and so-called Hope and change we were promised by the current administration.

We all have a choice!!!  Please join in and do your part in making our Republic, once again, truly free.


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